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Free delivery for orders over HKD320

Join Giant Meow, earn a $20 bonus!

Free delivery for orders over HKD320

Join Giant Meow, earn a $20 bonus!

Free delivery for orders over HKD320

Giant Meow™

Compliant with U.S. AAFCO and NRC Cat Food Nutritional Standards

Experience the perfect blend of daily nutrition and hydration for your cat with our wholesome ingredients. Free of unnecessary additives, our pet food promotes wellness and helps minimize vet visits.

Irresistibly Delectable: Natural Freshness and Nutritious that 98% of cats simply can’t resist!

Giant Meow cans are free of MSG, artificial flavorings, preservatives, and added sugar.


We enlisted the help of over 100 feline taste testers from various breeds and ages to sample our products. After 18 months of fine-tuning and hundreds of recipe tweaks based on our furry friends’ feedback, we have crafted the ultimate cat-pleasing formula:


Instead of added MSG and chemicals, we use fresh meat and fish extracts to boost the natural flavors; an all-natural temptation that can please even the pickiest cats!

Uncompromising Quality & Safety: Premium Ingredients for Your Pet

We meticulously choose "Human Grade" quality meat from Australia and New Zealand for our pet food, with all ingredients sourced from traceable farms and fisheries, ensuring no unknown sources.


Our factory spends more than two million dollars annually to analyze the nutritional components in raw materials from both internal and external suppliers, as well as in finished products, constantly striving for excellence.


Confidence in every bite: all of our pet food products undergo rigorous quality testing by SGS Laboratory ISO/IEC 17025, meeting heavy metal and microbiological standards.

Expert Nutritional Formulations for Optimal Pet Health

Our research and development team consists of experts in animal nutrition and food science, including PhDs in small animal nutrition, and over 90% of our product technicians holding master's degrees in food science.


We say no to carrageenan and synthetic vitamin K3, which can be harmful to the health of cats. Instead, our recipes are crafted with a "hypoallergenic, grain-free, and gluten-free formula," "single animal protein," and "low-phosphorus formula" to ease the strain on feline stomachs and kidneys, safeguarding their well-being.


Committed to upholding international standards, we incorporate essential elements like "taurine," "folic acid," and various minerals and vitamins to bolster the immunity of cats according to their daily nutritional needs.

Affordable Wellness: Premium Nutrition Within Reach

Quality cat food doesn't have to break the bank. We believe that all felines, both domestic and stray, deserve access to a top-notch diet. That's why we're dedicated to providing nutritious, holistic cat food at wallet-friendly prices.


Our commitment goes beyond just our products – we also collaborate with pet volunteer groups to ensure that cats and kittens everywhere can delight in a wholesome and satisfying meal, paving the way for a happier, healthier life!

Giving back to the community

Giant Meow modestly donates 3,000 food cans monthly. For every 2 boxes of food donated in our 'Feed & Support Stray Cats Program', we add one more. Also, 5% of each purchase goes to help strays.